Busy season for accountants can be a stressful time. You work long hours—sometimes around 100 hours a week—and crunch endless numbers during tax season. Who says you can’t find some humor amidst the piles of paperwork?

We know how much accountants love their funny accounting jokes. So, here are 15 jokes and quotes to lighten the mood during this taxing (no pun intended) period. 

Funny accounting jokes

We’ve compiled some of the top funny accounting quotes and jokes below. 

Go ahead and read them with your 10 p.m. cup of coffee. Or share them with your firm if you want to share the smiles—we promise you’ll get some laughs (or a few chuckles at the very least). 

Funny tax jokes

1. Why did the taxpayer cross the road? 
To avoid the IRS!

2. What’s the difference between a tax auditor and a rottweiler? 
A rottweiler eventually lets go.

3. Why was the math book sad during tax season?
Because it had too many problems.

4. They say that two things in life are unavoidable: death and taxes. I haven’t decided which is worse.

Knock-knock tax joke

5. Knock, knock. 
Who’s there?
Radio who?
Radio not, tax season is here!

Accountant jokes

6. What do accountants do for fun?
Add the telephone book.

7. An accountant is someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. 

8. What do accountants suffer from that ordinary people don’t? 

9. What do you call a financial controller who always works through lunch, takes two days of vacation every two years, is in the office every weekend, and leaves every night after 10 p.m.? 

10. What do you call an accountant without a spreadsheet?

11. There are just two rules for creating a successful accountancy business: 
Number 1: Don’t tell them everything you know. Number 2: [Redacted]

12. How can you tell when the chief accountant is getting soft? 
When he listens to marketing before saying no.

Funny accounting quotes

13. “It’s accrual world.” 

14. “Welcome to accounting, where everybody counts.”

15. “Be audit you can be.”

All jokes aside: Tips to lessen the tax-time stress

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when you are stressed during tax season. But, there are other ways to lessen your stress. 

Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Use automation to help you work faster, streamline data entry, and scan forms
  2. Talk to clients about submitting requests early
  3. Get the support you need from others in your firm (if applicable)
  4. Take time to joke, sleep, and be with loved ones

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