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This just in: Cube receives high praise in G2’s Spring Report

Cube has been listed as one of the top FP&A platforms across several disciplines, including Budgeting and Forecasting, Corporate Performance Management, Financial Close, and Financial Analysis.

Cube was recognized as a Momentum Leader in each of these four categories, scoring higher than many top competitors in the space—including Vena, Causal, OneStream, Jedox, IBM Planning Analytics, Planguru, Planful, Pigment, and more.

It’s gratifying to see our dedication to friction-free FP&A echoed in the feedback we receive from customers on G2:

Thanks to this feedback, Cube has been awarded several badges this Spring, including but not limited to: 

Best estimated ROI

We’re on a mission to help our customers save money and increase revenue by simplifying FP&A processes and freeing up some of those precious hours in their day. It’s wonderful to see how these efforts really make a difference, helping businesses level up their financial game.

“Cube has significantly improved our FP&A process,” says Maurine W. “Cube integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, which has made budgeting on both a product and account level much easier and much more collaborative.”

Easiest admin

By transforming complex, manual tasks into automated, efficient processes, Cube makes it possible for finance teams to gather, analyze, and review data more effectively. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances the sharing of insights with key stakeholders.

“Through the use of Cube, we have automated a significant number of manual processes,” says a verified G2 user. “Data is accumulated, analyzed and reviewed more effectively, which saves the finance team time and allows the sharing of information to business partners.”

Easiest setup

We understand that time is of the essence for FP&A teams, and our goal is to get them up and running with minimal fuss and maximum support.

“The implementation process was very efficient,” says Ethan K. “In two weeks our company was up and running with Cube thanks to the support team.”

Learn more about our implementation process here.


Feedback from our users on G2 touches on everything we strive for: comprehensive solutions, responsive support, and genuine value.

Bryan S., sharing his experience on G2, described Cube as an “Extremely powerful tool, but also simple and intuitive.”

This kind of feedback reassures us that we’re on the right track, not just in creating a valuable FP&A tool, but also in being a supportive partner in finance.

Check out our G2 profile to see what else our customers have to say about working with Cube. 

We’re incredibly grateful to our dedicated Cubers who have consistently delivered an outstanding customer experience, contributing to our notable standings on G2 this quarter.

A massive thank you goes out to all our Cube customers and advocates for taking the time to share their valuable insights on G2!

See for yourself why G2 users love Cube

When she founded Cube, 3x CFO-turned-CEO Christina Ross had one main goal: to create the “just right” solution for FP&A teams.

Cube helps FP&A teams skip the hours of manual work and jump ahead to solutions that drive better business performance by providing:

  • A less manual FP&A process
  • Confidence in your numbers
  • Access to more analysis, models, forecasts, and automated reports
  • The ability to keep what you love about spreadsheets (and automate what you don’t)

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